Infrastructure facilities available

Dev kiran Paper Mills has good infrastructure facilities for producing high quality Kraft paper used for packaging purposes.

Uninterrupted power
The mill has a direct power line from the grid for uninterrupted and high quality power required for paper making. Besides this, the company has its own diesel generator as a backup for uninterrupted power supply which will ensure timely deliveries to our customers consistently.
Water facilities
Water is one of the main inputs for paper making and company has good sources for clean water for paper making
Effluent treatment
Dev Kiran paper Mills gives at most importance to environment. The company has installed "state of the art "effluent treatment plan to treat the water and reuse the water for paper making. This will help both to conserve water as well as reduce pollution
Quality control equipments
The company is in the processing of installing quality control equipments from ABB for better quality control and consistency. The customers will be benefited by consistent quality of paper throughout the year.
Material Handling Equipments
The company has various material handing equipments like imported forklift trucks, Over Head Cranes, Electric Pallet for easy, quick and safe movement of goods.
Road Connectivity
Dev Kiran paper Mills is strategically located on the outskirts of Bangalore city. The mills is very well connected to the high way by a 80 ft ring road for easy movement of goods in and out of the factory
Internet Connectivity
The company has fast broadband internet connectively for quick communication by email, voice, and video conferencing facilities.